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Removing barriers to preventative healthcare

The Caring for Children Foundation of Texas, known as Caring Foundation of Texas, removes those barriers by partnering with businesses, non-profits, religious organizations, and government agencies to move medical providers into the communities making it possible for families to receive that preventative care. All services provided by the Texas Care Van program are at no cost to those who qualify.

Many families cannot get access to preventive healthcare because of financial restrictions, geographical obstacles, and time limitations.  The Caring for Children Foundation of Texas removes the barriers that prevent Texans from securing preventive health care services. Through partnerships and sponsors across the state of Texas, The Care Van ® program, are offers healthcare at no cost. Our efforts focus primarily on children but since it is important to keep the whole family healthy, we also provide services to the children’s care takers.

Our mobile clinics provide immunizations, oral health services, health education and renal screenings. Our vans travel each month on average 2800
+ miles meet our clients where they are to make it easier for families to get healthcare Since 1997, we have provided over 1.4 million immunizations and have provide oral healthcare to over 374,000 children.

As a 501(c)3 organization, The Caring Foundation of Texas is supported by generous individuals who care about the health of Texas Children which means all contributions will be tax deductible. As our lead sponsor, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas underwrites all our administrative expenses so 100% of every dollar donated is spent on direct services….meaning your gift will go directly to providing the heath care services.

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