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Immunization Care Van Request

Building healthier futures

For decades, immunizations have helped millions of people avoid life-threatening diseases; yet, millions of children living in Texas still go without them because of lack of affordability and access. Vaccinating children is one of the most direct, simple and cost-effective ways to keep children healthy. More importantly, low immunizations levels compromise gains in all areas of health. Children who do not regularly see a doctor are the children who need immunizations the most continue to be the least likely to receive them. By protecting one child, we are also protecting the people who they come in contact with each day who are not immunized.

About our immunization clinics

School-based Immunization Clinics
These clinics are set up by the school and can take place during the school day or after school. Please note that School-based clinics are only in the Houston and Dallas/ Ft. Worth areas at this time. The vaccines administered at this clinic are provided by the TVFC program and children must qualify for the service. If you work with a school and want to request a clinic, please go to the Care Van Request page.

Community-based Immunization Clinics
These clinics provide childhood immunizations and are open to the community. At these clinics, caregivers may also receive flu vaccines (if available) and grandparents who care for their grandchildren may receive the TDap vaccine. To find out where our clinics will be in the Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth areas, please see our calendar.

Flu-Only Clinics
Although we provide Flu vaccines at our School-based and our Community-based Clinics, there are times when we travel the state to provide Flu-Only Clinics. These clinics are open to the entire family.

Parent or guardian MUST accompany children under 18 years of age, and MUST present the child’s most current immunization/shot record.